Turning Your Dull Landscape Into A Masterpiece


Trying to change your dull landscape in Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty requires you to fully understand a multitude of different techniques that can enhance the overall look of your yard in multiple ways. The following steps are things that you can do on your own if you’re very careful, but likely require a professional who fully understands the unique demands behind these upgrades.

Changing the Texture of Your Landscape

If you have a very flat yard and you find it unmitigatedly dull, you may want to seriously consider changing the texture and shape of your landscape to make it more engaging. This step is a widespread one for many people and is often easy to perform. For example, you can hire a landscaper to come to your yard and add a slight hill where one didn’t exist to make your yard more attractive.

These changes cannot be too significant, or else you run the risk of making your yard a little too hilly. Slight increases of about 30 degrees typically get the best results in this situation. Anything more than that and you’re going to end up with a yard that is hard to decorate. However, you can use these slight increases and decreases in ways that make your landscaping more attractive and more comfortable to decorate.

For example, you can place flowers along the sides of your hills to create unique looks that are natural and engaging. You can also add trees and other larger bits of landscaping items to the top. In this way, you immediately create an eye-catching look. Make sure that you work with professionals, here, as they can make sure that everything is done with efficiency and a reasonable eye to critical details.

Utilize Attractive Lighting

The concept of landscape lighting is one that often confuses many people. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard to understand. Look at your lighting options in your yard and examine how they transform their overall style and fashion. Do you find that your lighting is appealing enough for your yard and its unique shape?

If so, you might not need to add any new lighting to your yard. However, if your yard feels a little too dark at night – particularly when you want to sit outside – you need to add new light sources. Typically, these can include globe lights strung up across your yard from fence to fence or lights on your home to enhance its overall style.

These extra lights should be positioned in such a way that your yard feels attractive without being too flashy. The trick here is to add minimal lighting and to place them in ways that light your whole yard and create a unified appearance. You probably need the help of a professional to maximize your style in your yard and on your home.

Use Natural Items to Create Unexpected Beauty

While you can definitely spend a good amount of money enhancing the landscape of your yard with artificial items, you can also integrate natural bits of beauty to make your yard more attractive. For example, you can utilize old tree stumps in unique ways that you may not expect. Hollow out the stump and add some potting soil and flower and voila. You have a unique flower pot that looks beautiful.

While you can always level hills or valleys in your yard to make them flatter and safer, you can also leave them as is and, instead, integrate new trees and plants in a way that accentuates their beauty. The unique benefit here lies in your focus on creating a natural beauty in a yard, taking advantage of the pre-existing elements of your yard, and subtly transforming them in gorgeous ways.

Importantly, you can also tweak the overall look of your yard using water elements in a fun and engaging way. For example, a new waterfall in your yard will make it look more natural and attract the eye in unexpected ways. Just as importantly, you can craft small rivers and use pumps to keep the water moving to ensure that you don’t attract mosquitoes or other pests that lay their eggs in still water sources.

Add Beautiful Decorative Items

Lastly, it is crucial to add a variety of decorative items that make your landscape more attractive. For example, a mosaic birdbath is an excellent idea because it makes your yard more beautiful and saves you money. Some people line these ornate birdbaths with items like old DVDs or CDs to create a unique look that makes a yard more attractive and which is both unique and engaging to many.

However, you may also want to add a pergola in your yard to add a little privacy or shade that helps to enhance your look at the same time. These pergolas are often quite easy to make and shouldn’t cost too much money if you work with the right landscaper. Just as importantly, these designs also make a home more attractive, which will further boost the price and overall value of your house in surprising ways.

Lastly, try to add appealing and unforgettable bits of concrete steps to your yard to further enhance its look. Many people try this step without taking the proper preparation steps and find that they make too many mistakes. As a result, it is a good idea to work directly with a paving professional to ensure that things go smoothly. Doing this also helps to enhance the overall beauty of your home as well.

Do You Need Help With Your Yard?

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