Is Your Yard Ready For A Stump Grinder?

stump grinder

Stumps may not seem like a big deal to many homeowners, but they can become a complication that must be removed to ensure that you don’t run into any issues. As a result, a high-quality stump grinder in Iowa City, Iowa may be a valuable investment. Thankfully, we at Fix Fabrication & Landscaping can help you understand when these grinders are necessary and when you should leave them at home.

Your Lawn Mowing is Getting Difficult

Old stumps in your lawn might seem too obvious to miss when you’re mowing your lawn. However, when you end up getting a large number of stumps when you remove trees, there’s a good chance that you may struggle to avoid them. For example, you may end up bumping into one while you’re mowing your lawn, which can cause real problems with your mower. If you drive over the stump, you may even ruin the blades and the motor controlling them.

As a result, a stump grinder is typically the right choice in this situation. By getting rid of all of the stumps in your yard, you make sure that you can mow without difficulty. We particularly recommend this process for those with a massive yard in which it might be hard to track all of the stumps. By getting rid of them, you decrease the risk of ending up causing damage to your mower and give yourself the benefit of avoiding severe damage.

However, even if you have a relatively small lawn, this process can be very beneficial. For example, you may have a stump right in the middle of your yard that you always have to mow around and then clean up using hand-based lawn care tools. Although this process isn’t too complicated, it can get old fast and may require you to get rid of your stumps with a high-quality grinder machine.

Termites are Becoming an Issue

A strong and healthy tree is often a target for termites, though not as often as a rotting and weaker one. That’s because rotting wood cannot resist the jaws of these pests anywhere near as well as healthy ones. And what is a stump but a piece of old and potentially dead wood? While the stump may be alive – many live for years after tree removal, an issue we’ll talk about in more depth below – many are dead and end up becoming a real issue for homeowners like you.

For example, the top of the stump is often an excellent place for termites to invade and take over your tree. Once they are here, they’ll spend as much time as they can inside of your tree and spread out to attack other trees in your yard. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot tolerate a stump in your yard any longer than necessary. As a result, you may have to rent or purchase a stump grinder to get rid of this extra bit of wood in your yard ASAP.

People are Starting to Talk

While you shouldn’t let the gossip of your neighbors control how you take care of your yard, you may want to consider a stump grinder if people in your area are starting to talk. That’s because stumps can be a big eyesore, mainly if it is decaying and dying. Frustrated and annoyed neighbors are very likely to start casting shade at you because of the stump and may make you feel unhappy. Some may even report you to your neighborhood committee or city and may cause you to suffer from fees.

And some might even start to complain about how termites and other pests are attracted to your yard. Though this may seem like it is your problem and not theirs, many people will disagree with you. And as a result, they may report you to health officials and try to force you to remove the stump. They are well within their rights to do so – all neighbors owe a level of safety to those around them – so it is best to preempt this situation and get the stump removed.

While you’re at it, you can then get any other problematic item removed from your yard. These include different types of tree issues, such as excessive limbs, waste from your trees, such as leaves, and much more. This step is a wise one because it can help to save you money and time. Just as importantly, it can give you the ability to tweak your lawn and your home’s look in a way that is appealing, easy to appreciate, and simple for you to maintain for years to come.

Root Issues Become a Problem

Did you know that your stump can survive for a surprising amount of time after you remove a tree? We’ve hinted at this before, but we think it is important to emphasize that here. Your stump may get water and nutrients from its roots and start to try to grow a new tree. When this happens, the roots will continue to spread throughout your yard in a distracting and upsetting way. For example, roots can end up getting into your septic tank and causing damage you may not expect.

Even worse, these roots can push up against the foundation of your home and other buildings and cause damage that can be hard to fix. And roots can also cause disruptions with the surface of your yard that require a myriad of different repair options to manage. A root that breaks above the surface of your yard will spread rapidly and soak up water that other plants could use and will also become a tripping and mowing hazard for your yard, too.

Therefore, it is essential to consider renting a stump grinder as soon as possible. These tools can be run by a variety of homeowners without much difficulty and provide a high-quality level of root management that you can’t get in any other way. Just as importantly, it is possible to protect your foundation and other critical areas of your yard by using this tool correctly and effectively.

Getting Rid of Stumps Quickly

As you can see, an Iowa City, Iowa stump grinder can help you out in many unique ways. Therefore, it is crucial to call us at Fix Fabrication & Landscaping to get the detailed help that you need. Our professionals will help you better understand the nature of this tool and give you the advice that you need to take care of your grinding needs. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more.

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